‘Growing Una and Cosmo’ depicts the breastfeeding pattern of baby twins in the first full month of their life. It is composed of a series of twin circles on either side of a logarithmic spiral (also known as a growth spiral). The image was drawn from information about breastfeeding collected by Gemma Anderson (the mother and the artist), in a series of notebooks since the babies’ birth until they turned two years old, documenting the timing and duration of every single (or double!) feed during each 24 hour window. Although she had a sense of the ‘pattern’ of the breastfeeding, Gemma wanted to ‘see’ the pattern (or ‘make visible’) and so she spent a while imagining what form this could take. The resulting image is an abstract representation of breastfeeding. Making the image involved patient care and attention, not so different to the kind required in mothering and so the slow and laborious means of creating the image (hand drawing and painting) somehow suits the subject, the careful and patient dedicated labour of the mother.

Growing Una and Cosmo; breastfeeding pattern in the first month of life. Pencil, Watercolour and Colour Pencil, 31x41cm, 2020. 

Sampe pages from notebooks with information about each feed, 22/05/20 and 23/05/20