‘4D Yoga Workshop’, And She Built a Crooked House, Leeds, 2023


A fourth-dimensional yoga session led by artist Gemma Anderson-Tempini, situated within the chapel of the Burton Grange.


Join us for a fourth-dimensional yoga session devised and led by Gemma Anderson-Tempini, certified yoga instructor and the artist behind And She Built a Crooked House. The focus for the session will be visualisation and meditation using objects from the installation as Drishti’s (point of focus).

An imagined space popularised in the nineteenth century, the fourth spatial dimension sits alongside the commonly-held understanding of a fourth dimension of time and has provided fertile ground for creativity and innovation for generations. In addition to physics, explorers of higher spatial dimensions span the fields of maths, art, literature, cinema and computing, with impact in quotidian places from children’s playgrounds to Victorian living rooms.

Central features of fourth-dimensional theory include turning inside out, mirroring, and being in more than one place at the same time. These ideas resonate with the artist’s personal experience as a mother of twins and are recurring motifs in Gemma’s exhibition.

The session will take place in the chapel of Burton Grange, where Gemma’s exhibition is situated. No experience necessary, beginners welcome. Please bring your own yoga mat.