And She Built A Crooked House, commissioned by Artangel and Leeds 2023

x,y,z,w,ana+kata watercolour and pencil on paper, 2022+2023 46x61cm, 31x41cm, 18x26cm (paper)

Protein Maze; In ‘The Botanical Revolution in Contemporary Art’, Kroller-Muller Museum, NL, 2022 and ‘The Botanical Mind’, Camden Art Centre, London, 2020

Four-Dimensional Polytopes (Unfolded)

Garden of Forking Paths; Mitosis Scores

Origami Embryo

Growing Una and Cosmo on the cover of Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, and Technoscience Vol.7(1) Special Section: Self-Tracking, Embodied Differences, and the Politics and Ethics of Health

Structural Intuition (Series, 2016), Pencil and Watercolour on Paper

Embryogenesis- Modular etching

Developmental Noise



Hidden Geometries

Collaborative Drawings: Mathematics


Rashleigh’s Mineral Nicknames

After Seghers

Portraits: Patients and Psychiatrists


SKIN, Wellcome Collection: ‘Against Nature’

Drawing in Natural Science: Jerwood Visual Artist in Residence 2010

Des Mines

Drawing Ezo (AIR Japan 2008)

Cill Rialaig

Portraits: People I know


Moonlight Photogram-Drawings

Micropia: Photograms

Early Drawings and etchings (2003)