FILM: ‘Gemma Anderson-Tempini, And She Built a Crooked House’

“In And She Built a Crooked House, there are many different experiences to bring us closer to the fourth spatial dimension and remind us that we can question further our relationship to the world and the nature of the universe.”

Gemma Anderson-Tempini discusses her most ambitious body of work to date, in which she invites audiences to experience the unseen realities of the fourth spatial dimension. From the world’s first 4D climbing frame to an infinite pile of laundry, Anderson-Tempini subverts the familiarity of the home to give form to higher dimensions. Hear the artist discuss her commitment to drawing as the foundation of her practice, to the shifting roles of artist, academic and mother that have informed this work. The film also features contributions from collaborators Alessio Corti, Professor of Pure Mathematics at Imperial College London, and Dr Mark Blacklock, author and cultural histor