New Article: ‘Dynamic Form’ Published in Antennae Journal of Nature in Visual Culture

Read the article ‘Dynamic Form: Klee as Artist and Morphologist’ by Gemma Anderson via open access here

Guided by the themes of formation and growth in the artist Paul Klee’s work, which resonate with those of my own practice, this essay has developed in parallel with my own progression from an empirical understanding of form as object towards a conceptual understanding of form as process. Here, I advance an original outline of the relationship between Goethe’s concept of morphology and Klee’s art. Central to this is the atypical consideration of certain works by Klee as morphological studies. Following Goethe’s concept of morphology as the study of form and formative process, I interpret Klee’s artistic representation of the dynamic nature of form and, based on particular examples, propose Klee as a morphologist.